Kiso Ontake Tourism Office (hereinafter referred to as The Corporation), holds a grave responsibility to protect the personal information of the people related to our company including our customers and clients under "Act on the Protection of Personal Information," "Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures," and "Guidelines for the Proper Handling of Specific Personal Information (for Business Operators)," or any other laws. Therefore the company declares to try all possible measures for protecting related information and to implement the efforts as follows.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Corporation shall acquire, use, and provide any information by lawful and honest means. Before the acquisition of personal information, the company shall specify the purpose of its use. In addition, the company installs internal management systems and takes security measures in order not to use personal information beyond the purpose of use.

Personal Information Management and Protection

The Corporation shall strictly manage personal information and shall not disclose or provide data related to a certain person to any third party unless the Company obtains the consent of that person, or unless the Company does so following laws and regulations.
In addition, based on the internal regulations such as "Personal Information Protection Regulations" and "Specific Personal Information Handling Regulations," the Company shall take measures on security and correct them if necessary.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Corporation shall comply with, and shall operate, the laws and regulations on personal information held by the Company and other norms and prescriptions set in the national guidelines.

Handling of Complaints and Inquiries

The Corporation, responds promptly to complaints and inquiries about personal information held by the Company by establishing a system and procedures for receiving and responding to them.

Continuous Improvement of Management Systems for the Protection of Personal Information.

The Corporation will continuously improve the management system concerning the protection of personal information.

Handling of Personal Information

The Company handles personal information as follows and to protect them under the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and "Our Personal Information Protection Policy."

Personal Information Held by the Company

1. The Corporation holds personal information obtained from customers as the application for the travel, confirmation of participation, questionnaires, purchase application of products, phone or letters, and inquiries through our website, and retains the said data as personal data.

2. The Corporation holds personal information of adopters, applicants, and employees, etc., as personal data of said personals.

Use of Personal Information

1. The Corporation and its contract travel agency use personal information, obtained by above-mentioned methods, for contacting customers, and when necessary, for arranging the service by the transportation and accommodation facilities, and for sales aids at souvenir shops. (Note: The primary carriers, accommodation facilities, and other vendors can be found in the final contract document).

2. In addition, the Corporation may use the said personal information for;
a. requesting questionnaires after participating in our tour;
b. application, submission, delivery, and payment request when purchasing products;
c. creating statistical data;
d. smooth implementation of a transaction that may be useful for other customers.

Concerning the personal information presented by applicants for jobs, the Company uses them for the identification of applicants, contacting them, and also for other necessary business practices within the necessary scope.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

To carry out the contract with customers, the Corporation provides the personal information such as an address, name, phone number, gender, age, date of birth, passport number, email address, flight number to be boarded, etc. of customers to the arrangement agency for transportation, accommodation facilities, souvenir shops, product suppliers, and outsourcing contractors within the scope necessary.

The Corporation provides personal information within the necessary scope, in case if specified in "Law Article 23, Paragraph 1 on the Protection of Personal Information."