(sold out)【Trial】Ontake Kodo online tour


  • Period
    February 16, 2022
  • Price Per Person
    free of charge
  • Itinerary
    Day Trip
  • Area
    Otaki Village

The pilgrimage roads

Ontake Kodo is the ancient pilgrimage roads to the sacred Mt.Ontake(is Japan’s second tallest volcano).
In the Edo period, the old roads were built by two monks who promoted the worship of Ontake.
Adherents still climb the old roads in the white pilgrim clothing.
Waterfalls in the dense forest have a great significance for them.
They had never climbed the sacred mountain without for 75 or 100 days of strict spiritual training by meditating under a waterfall.

Ontake Kodo Trail

Kiso Ontake Tourism Office holds an online tour of Ontake Kodo walking that shows you the attractions of Ontake Kodo and view spots.Kiso Ontake Tourism Office will provide services for participants of this online tour when they join our future tours.

feefree of charge
dateFebruary 16, 2022
itinerary9:00 meet at Zoom
~9:05 Introduction(About Nakasendo and Kiso area)
9:05~9:10 Guide self introduction
9:10~9:25 Guiding about Ontake Kodo
9:25~9:30 Discussion
9:30~9:33 Information
9:40 Closing  
noteThis tour is a trial tour to verify future demand 
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Basic Information

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~February 14, 2022

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The tour reservation is accepted in order of arrival.
Kiso Ontake Tourism Office will stop reservation reception when reach capacity.
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